Economic dividers for internal modules stables. The cheapest way to lodge your horses that you most use without a need of any individual stable. Prices does not include taxes and shipping. 

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620,00 €

RB 31

Availability: On request approx. 60 days.

Economic dividers for internal modules stables. This type of separations allow to better use the available space in your buildings. Specially designed for frequently used horses that don't need an individual stable during the day.

They are manufactured in two standard lengths of 3, 3.5 meters. To increase the security it is advised burying the anchor in the concrete pillars, but could also be tabbed screwing into the ground. 

Prices from 323€, plus taxes

                                        Oak             Pine / Poplar     
3 meters 660€ 560€
3,5 meters 750€ 635€


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