We are a family dedicated to agriculture and farming since many generations, so cattle's management knowledge in the field work comes to us from many generations passed. But it is mainly through our grandfather, that at the begining of the 1900s already tamed horses at home and in the army, that the whole family have settled knowledges about care, treatment and techniques that have survived to this day.

All this knowledge inherited has adapted to the actual recreational use of horses and passed through the sieve of the most modern techniques of dressage and hook. Courses and clinics with good teachers, a careful observation of other riders and drivers, along with the reading of the masters make the necessary baggage with which we face the challenges that we have every day.

Since more than 100 years we are dedicated to farming, but it is in 1995 when we started to be dedicated exclusively and professionally to horses. We tame horses and hitch routes, we participate in horses shows and sell everything related to the world of horses. For three generations we occupy the same building in the center of Catalonia, in a predominantly agricultural region and very flat, "La Plana de Vic", where there is still a good network of roads that allow us to enjoy horses and carriages.

If you have any doubt or question, do not hesitate to call us for any questions. At the same tiem, we offer our facilities in our equestrian center to test carriages and advise you on all your needs.

our great great grandfather at the beginning of the century

Our father in the 50s

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